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"Holy macaroni there is something to this. I am in shock. I really cannot describe this feeling that is going on. I have done a lot of talk therapy and this one session has done more for me than all that. No joke.

Jennifer B., RN, Nursing Education Consultant, Business Owner

Luckey, OH, USA

"Menaka really helped me clear blocks in ways that really resonated with me. I felt so much lighter and happier afterwards. Her style is so original, funny and powerful."

Suzie L

Montreal, QC, Canada


"Menaka was very empathetic in helping me to clear past trauma, grief, and anger about the nature of my dad’s passing. She was perceptive on picking up on ways that I was beating myself up about. Afterwards, I felt lighter and detached from the anger. I also feel like I have forgiven myself for not doing more to help my dad. Menaka’s readings come from a super perceptive and compassionate place. She is able to put herself in your shoes and see things from your perspective so you can feel connected to the clearing statements and release the emotions and patterns that are holding you back."

D. O., Acupuncturist
Hawaii, USA


"It was such a privilege to have worked with Menaka, she is definitely gifted and very powerful! In my session with her she helped me see answers to my questions clearly. Her healing energy worked wonders! After our session I was filled with so much gratitude, so much peace, and clarity. I noticed things shift instantly! I have worked with many healers, over the past few years, my session with her was one of the most memorable and uplifting ones, very transformative!"

Susana T., Realtor

Los Angeles, CA, USA


"Menaka helped me remove some blocks about being seen doing my intuitive/channeled art business. She also helped me with some clearing on emotional eating that really felt great. She helped me identify some reasonable action steps that felt good and do-able and gave me a new vision to help me see the situation in a totally new perspective. I felt really supported."


Krista H., Senior Manager

Snoqualmie, WA, USA


"Menaka is warm and I felt at ease with her. She tunes in and picks up really in-depth levels of info within moments. She picked up some really, really unusual and fascinating details. These elements didn’t seem typical to me, nor anything I’d have imagined. Yet, when she relayed them to me, it was like light bulbs were just firing off – one after the next. I felt much lighter. Freer. I sense is this going to be better for me and I’m going to keep repeating the WWITs she intuited for me as good measure. Professional, yet welcoming. It was very easy to be comfortable with her."

Holly F.,
Santa Monica, CA, USA

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