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I offer an initial DISCOUNTED ONE-TIME 50-minute session for $200 (value $400 single session rate) where you can ask questions, share about your challenges and express your dreams. I will teach you how to connect to high-level energies on your own and clear a block.


Here are the options to continue the journey:

SINGLE Session

ONE 50-min session

* Learn the basics 
* Receive a small upgrade in your energy field.
* Focus on one or two blocks

Valid for 2 months

FIVE 50-min sessions

(Reduced cost/session)

* Improve proficiency to clear and download energies between and during sessions
*Begin to see and feel changes in you and your life



Valid for 6 months

SILVER Package

TEN 50-min sessions

 (Best value per session)

* Changing your energy field becomes more automatic as you live your day
*You see larger positive changes in your life and improve your ability to create solutions.

Valid for 12 months

GOLD Package


Taylored to fit your organization

Group and Individual Sessions
Improve Productivity and Employee morale

3-12 month programs

IMMEDIATE BENEFITS: Most people feel lighter and happier after a session. 


HOW WE COMMUNICATE: I will call you at the designated time over the phone or computer.

HOW SESSIONS WORK: At the start, I'll ask you what you want to work on. It can be a specific issue or alternatively, you can ask me to look into your energy field and find the largest block to clear in that moment. I'll help you connect to Universe and Earth energies and then spend time assisting you in clearing blocks and adding positive energies back into your field. I'll leave a few minutes for questions or comments.

HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE: Best results will come with a body well hydrated, with consumption of healthy food, and adequate sleep. Of course, just do the best you can. Doing this work may help you develop healthier habits and improve your sleep.

OVERALL GOAL: As you clear negative blocks and allow downloads of positive vibrational energies, you'll improve your intuition and bring in more positive experiences in your life, including more love, improved health and increased financial abundance.

*There are no guarantees in the results; they depend on your ability to release the blocks, allow positive energies into your field as well as the amount of work you do on your own between sessions.

*Please be advised to seek medical care for any serious conditions.  Working with you is not a replacement for  necessary medical intervention, but it may be used as a complement to decrease negative effects of treatments and improve healing.

*All sessions occur over the phone or computer

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