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About Me

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Hi! I'm Menaka!

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, I completed a Bachelor's Degree in Physiology at McGill University in the same city and later a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy (PT) at the University of Rhode Island in the US.

During my twenty-five plus years as a PT, I've had the privilege to work in seven states and a multitude of settings including hospitals (acute care and rehab), transitional care units, nursing homes, home care and outpatient.

Throughout that time, I have passionately pursued healing and spiritual trainings, and have had my own businesses as a Facilitator of Healing and as a Run/Walking Coach. 


After working with thousands of patients and clients, my practice focuses on personal consultations where I intuitively access the source of people's issues, remove their blocks and help upgrade their energies so they become a magnet for a happier and more abundant life.

I am an avid runner, skier, hiker, reader, screenwriter and love road trips.


I consider Bothell, Washington my home.

I have devoted my career to helping people heal and move forward in their life.  I'd love to learn about where you are in your journey, and how I can help you. Let's connect.

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