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When we experience rejection, this aspect of us holds a low vibrational frequency, and we also hold our energy field close to us instead of expanding outwards. When we reflect that out to the Universe, the Universe will mirror it back, creating situations where we experience the same feelings.

Feeling rejected could be an actual situation or a perceived situation. Often, what people say to us may go through our limited beliefs and create meaning out of something that is neutral. “I’m busy” could be an example of someone indicating they don’t want to hang with us and are sparing our feelings, or perhaps they fear a confrontation. However, maybe they are actually busy, and it’s not personal. Either way, when we feel rejected, it’s often related to self-worth issues, self-doubt, and feeling unsafe.

Of course, there may be some things we could look at in ourselves to see if we are contributing. Perhaps we’re frequently interrupting or being rude. Being accountable for ourselves and developing self-awareness can help bridge the gap.

Back in the cave people's time, we had to work in a community or tribe to survive. These days, we can independently have food and shelter. Also, as there are eight billion people on the planet, we can find a new tribe with whom to align, and with online communities, we can connect with people all over the world.

The important thing is to love ourselves no matter what, even if we need to upgrade ourselves in some ways. Using our intuition to check if we are overreacting is critical, too, when other people are not attempting to reject us.However, if it’s a straight-up rejection, we must not lower ourselves and shrink our energy field. We must remain in our power and rise above those who reject us. Realize too that they may also be experiencing self-doubt and have a worthiness issue to act out in non-loving ways. Learning how to be in our power, improve our worthiness, and know we can create a life we love is vital.

What would it feel like to feel worthy, be in our power, and experience self-love?

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