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Upgrade Your Life!

Why do you keep repeating the same life patterns?

The reason is because we run our lives through limiting low-vibrational beliefs embedded in our personal energy field that keep us stuck.

What's the Solution?

Remove the limiting beliefs and replace with higher-vibe empowering beliefs. This will improve what you attract in health, wealth, relationships, and  emotions (such as more joy and less anxiety or depression).

Hi! I'm Menaka!

(Pronounced MEN-ah-kah.
Sounds similar to "Monica")

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As an INTUITIVE Life Coach and Energy Healer,  I can find and help you clear these lower vibrations in your space, then download higher ones so you can bring in a more fulfilling life.

With a particular fascination about the human body and the energy that flows through it, I have university degrees in both Physiology and Physical Therapy, and multiple trainings in healing and spirituality.

I have worked with patients and clients for over twenty-five years.

Most of these energetic patterns are brought in unconsciously during childhood from the people who raised us, teachers and society.  As we navigate through life, the low-vibe energies limit our lives.  The good news is that the limiting patterns, also called blocks, can be removed.

When blocks are removed and more positive energies are downloaded, you'll:

  • experience more confidence, love and happiness

  • feel lighter in your body

  • become a magnet for higher-level circumstances in relationships, career and health

  • feel motivated and take real actions towards a more fulfilling life

"Holy macaroni there is something to this. I am in shock. I really cannot describe this feeling that is going on. I have done a lot of talk therapy and this one session has done more for me than all that. No joke.

Jennifer B., RN, Nursing Education Consultant, Business Owner

Luckey, OH, USA

*Please be advised to seek medical care for any serious conditions.  Working with you is not a replacement for necessary medical intervention, but it may be used as a complement to decrease negative effects of treatments and improve healing.

I offer different options. Find the one that works for you.

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